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Prioritise outcomes to ensure the non negotiables are never at risk whilst at the same time maximising your results.

Strategy, Tactics, & Executional Excellence

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Every business contends with shifting market conditions, resource
management challenges and identifying the highest payoff
activities, but they each have such varied levels of impact. What
makes the difference? The answer lies in the ability to capitalize
on and profit from all opportunities, not just those that are readily
accessible—this is what truly sets world-class companies apart. In
Windjammer, you’ll be challenged to do just that. Learn how using
your team effectively and operating with a practical yet flexible
plan will increase both profit and efficiency, no matter which way
the wind is blowing


In Arctic Pursuit™, event attendees will take on the role of researchers who are set to venture out into the Great White, Canadian North. The task at hand will be to track and record the migratory habits of Canadian Arctic wildlife, while gathering resources to improve the quality of life for these creatures. Effective use of the resources available, pausing to reassess and adjust as new information is discovered, and of course, working together, will make all the difference in this truly engaging experience! This adventure highlights how these same skills and strategies can be applied in any attendee’s pursuit of outstanding results back on the job.


  • Understanding the importance of making the non-negotiables the first priority
  • Identify and use all available resources on a consistent basis
  • Take initiative and make a commitment to achieving all that is possible
  • Pause to review and adjust the approach en route to any goal


Do you freeze (pun intended!) sometimes when you have decisions to make? Arctic Pursuit is a powerful experience that allows participants, with hindsight, to explore what best decisions looked like and why it’s not always easy to make them.

Useful also to engage in conversations in how taking initiative can impact the value of contributions.


Planning your event with us, aim 2-3 hours in the agenda to maximise the learning and application discussion which follows on from the experience.

Ideal for groups of 10 people to well over 1000 participating in the same room at the same time! In teams of 3-5 participants sat ideally at round tables. 

Suitable for cross-functional and intact teams at all levels. From your C suite leadership team right through to all those teams navigating the day to day execution of your business. 

Ideal for use at conferences, off sites, team days and any type of company launch event.

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