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Gold Of The Desert Kings

Optimising Productivity

Convert activity into productivity and maximise results, growth and effectiveness in a changing and challenging environment! 


We often confuse activity with productivity. If we’re busy, we must be making headway, right? Not always. A lot of this busy-ness can go undetected until the results come in…and then it’s too late.

Gold of the Desert Kings creates an experience in which the difference between activity and productivity can mean life or death, not success or failure. But the vibrant world within this learning experience is simply a parallel for the world we face at work every day – a world where planning, gathering resources and goal-directed action, executed within a changing environment, are the keys to maximised results.


There’s gold in the mountains, and it can be yours – if you can negotiate the hazardous desert that lies in its way.

This interactive learning adventure will challenge you to work together as a prepared, organised and focused team, because competition is fierce and the clock is ticking. With pressure and limitations bearing down, you and your fellow adventurers must cross the vast and perilous desert, collect as much gold as possible and return home safely, and you’ll need to get the most from every moment and decision in order to survive and succeed. Be transformed from an armchair tourist into a motivated explorer; discover the direct impact of planning, preparation and execution; eliminate the frustration of wasted activity and convert into results-generating productivity-this is the real Gold of the Desert Kings.


  • Differentiate between activity that moves you away from your goal and productivity that moves you closer
  • Ask “What’s Possible?” instead of “What’s Required?” to break through your perceived limitations
  • Plan, prepare and execute – never losing sight of the objective – to deliver maximised productivity and results
  • Obtain, evaluate and apply information, adjusting your plan to contend with pressure and surprises
  • Permanently adopt a strategic mindset for any challenge; develop lasting habits of focused productivity


In Gold of the Desert Kings, teams start off with the same amount of time, the same access to information and the exact same budget. Even though this is the case, teams deliver very different results. How is this so? Well the only thing that differed between the teams was the strategy that they took to the situation! It’s an incredible way of focusing participants on their real-life work strategies!

All too often we bemoan a lack of resources, even when this is completely outside of our control. The reality is that we need to focus on the things that are within our control to deliver greater results with the same resources.


Eagle’s Flight recently ran an experiential learning session for a group of our senior leaders from around the world. We had hired them because they promised to be able to engage a group of 30 people of more than 10 different nationalities, for 4 hours; and in the process, enlighten all of them as to how to use their time and resources more productively and maximise results for their business. It was a big promise, and for me, as a member of this group of leaders, it felt like a big gamble to commit 30 x 4 hours of senior leader time to playing a game????

I can safely say that engaging Eagle’s Flight and committing to this particular workshop was one of the best decisions I have ever made – it is not often that you can simultaneously have great fun, develop your working relationships with your peers, experience intense pressure, and actually learn something about your business and your behaviour that is so useful, you want to leave immediately after the session to go and put in into practice.

Eagle’s Flight’s logical, hard-hitting messages were so appropriate, so diplomatically delivered, and so easy to absorb, that they (as promised) provoked learning and reaction from every leader in the room. Eagle’s Flight has changed the vocabulary we use, and our ability to invest our resources in the most productive activities. I would recommend them to any business, or any size, in any sector. You will not regret it.


Planning your event with us, aim 3 to 4 hours in the agenda to maximise the learning and application discussion which follows on from the experience. There will be a break after 2 hours.

Ideal for groups of 10 people to well over 1000 participating in the same room at the same time! In teams of 3-8 participants sat ideally at round tables cabaret style.

Suitable for cross-functional and intact teams at all levels. From your C suite leadership team right through to all those teams navigating the day to day execution of your business.

Ideal for use at conferences, off sites, team days and any type of company launch event.