Success in a highly competitive market requires capitalising on every opportunity

An Activity Ideal for Teams Who Must Effectively Manage Resources and Navigate Market Conditions


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Every business contends with shifting market conditions, resource management challenges and identifying the highest payoff activities, but they each have such varied levels of impact. What makes the difference? The answer lies in the ability to capitalise on and profit from all opportunities, not just those that are readily accessible—this is what truly sets world-class companies apart. In Windjammer, you’ll be challenged to do just that. Learn how using your team effectively and operating with a practical yet flexible plan will increase both profit and efficiency, no matter which way the wind is blowing.


Enter the competitive world of Windjammer, where teams of attendees will vie for an edge in an exceedingly active marketplace of high-end sailing products. The demand for products is high, but market fluctuations will affect their value over time. In this engaging sailing-themed experiential activity, attendees will race to acquire raw materials from other teams, manufacture specialised products, and sell them when the market demand is highest. But profit margin is not the ultimate measure of success in this nautical landscape – true victory is a performance beyond expected results. In order to capitalise on every opportunity, negotiation and teamwork will be essential to success.


• Expand your profit focus throughout the stages of planning, goal-setting, team-building and execution 

• Adjust team tactics and resources to spring into productive action and capitalise on new opportunities 

• Rapidly prioritise objectives and forge relationships to take advantage of profit peaks

• Apply strategies to adjust to changing conditions and overcome obstacles on-the-fly


You feel the energy during Windjammer much like you’d expect riding the winds of the open seas.

A great experience to engage conversations around ambition, challenge and execution.

Many teams have used this experience when business priorities are being examined to understand what it takes to make the most of opportunities and how to do this through optimising the talent in the team.


Eagle’s Flight recently ran an experiential learning session for a group of our senior leaders from around the world. We had hired them because they promised to be able to engage a group of 30 people of more than 10 different nationalities, for 4 hours; and in the process, enlighten all of them as to how to use their time and resources more productively and maximise results for their business. It was a big promise, and for me, as a member of this group of leaders, it felt like a big gamble to commit 30 x 4 hours of senior leader time to playing a game????

I can safely say that engaging Eagle’s Flight and committing to this particular workshop was one of the best decisions I have ever made – it is not often that you can simultaneously have great fun, develop your working relationships with your peers, experience intense pressure, and actually learn something about your business and your behaviour that is so useful, you want to leave immediately after the session to go and put in into practice.

Eagle’s Flight’s logical, hard-hitting messages were so appropriate, so diplomatically delivered, and so easy to absorb, that they (as promised) provoked learning and reaction from every leader in the room. Eagle’s Flight has changed the vocabulary we use, and our ability to invest our resources in the most productive activities. I would recommend them to any business, or any size, in any sector. You will not regret it.


Planning your event with us, aim 2 hours in the agenda to maximise the learning and application discussion which follows on from the experience. There is a 3-4 hour option for Windjammer with Crew Expectations (values).

Ideal for groups of 10 people to well over 1000 participating in the same room at the same time! In teams of 2-5 participants sat ideally at round tables.

Suitable for cross-functional and intact teams at all levels. From your C suite leadership team right through to all those teams navigating the day to day execution of your business.

Ideal for use at conferences, off sites, team days and any type of company launch event.

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