Venue + Meeting Space - Exclusively Yours

You’ve found a unique venue that delivers on all your meeting requirements.

Meeting space redefined.

• Your colleagues will feel special – we understand this perfectly.

• Yellowfoot Lodge is a fantastic venue that you’ll enjoy exclusive use of during your day.

• A well ventilated meeting room flooded by natural daylight

• Space for up to 50 people.

• A kitchen area where you know most people will hang out.

• An outside deck to enjoy for lunches and additional break out space.

• Dedicated team member to ensure everything runs smoothly.

• Full AV equipment, flip charts, high speed wireless internet.

• Plenty of FREE parking.

Yellowfoot Lodge – fabulous meeting space to allow your creativity to flow!

The Location

Here at Yellowfoot if the weather doesn’t cooperate and the group chooses not to go outside and take to the grounds for activities we can deliver a number of indoor experiences as an alternative that will be equally fun and engaging!  For those groups who don’t mind getting outside when it’s raining we do provide waterproof jackets.

Food & Drink

On arrival your guests will be greeted with breakfast snacks, toast, fresh juices, tea and of course plenty of fresh coffee.  Donuts are served during the first break or a healthier alternative. Lunches are a blend of wonderful buffet items catered to your dietary requirements, meaning there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Lunch also includes a fresh fruit salad and drinks. If you’ve room for more, in the afternoon there are chocolate nibbles or again something healthier. An additional bowl of fruit will be in the kitchen area for the duration on the day too! Tables have popular sweets and water all refreshed during the day. Tea and coffee is available throughout the day.

Getting your team together.

Would you like us to support your event?

Team Building here at Yellowfoot Lodge & further afield.  We have many options from purely fun activities through to what we do best to harness team’s energy for greater outcomes!

Like to understand more about what’s possible in a day here?  Call us or drop a note.

Team Dynamics –
Harness your team’s energy for greater outcomes!

A Team Dynamic event is suited to a half or a full day with teams. Areas of focus include getting to know each other better, building effective communication, working towards common

goals, building trust, aligning to common goals and objectives, leadership and innovation.

It’s a given that events with


Mission Possible –
Activities for a fun, engaging team event!

Split into sub teams and we’ll make the activities competitive and fun! We’ll include creative, energetic, or physical activities, or ones that require problem solving. We have a real mix that will allow individuals to shine and more importantly make everyone feel included! Here are just some of the activities we could include.


Powering Employee Development
Through Experiential Learning

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Yellowfoot Lodge

Pococks Lane

Eton, Berkshire SL4 6HW

Tel: 01753 533070

• 5 minutes from Slough

• 15 minutes from Heathrow

• 40 minutes from central London

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