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Virtual Experiences - Changing the Game

Team building and experiential learning from any location

About Ride The Wind:

In Eagle’s Flight’s virtual experience, Ride the Wind, participants are tasked with building the world’s best amusement park. While engaged in this experiential learning sessions participants put into practice a coaching framework that lays out the steps to communicate in a way that encourages people to remain open to coaching and willing to act based on feedback. 

Maximum Participants: 100

Duration: 2 hours

Key Learnings:

  • Deliver feedback in a way that optimises impact by applying a coaching
  • Understand the importance of effective teamwork and team dynamics 
  • Maximise the outcome without losing sight of the “non-negotiables” 
  • Deliver on all accountabilities 

About Rescue Orion:

In Eagle’s Flight’s space-themed virtual experiential activity, Rescue Orion, participants become crew members of the Gemini 1 – a space craft designed for critical rescue and crisis-related missions. With their teams, participants will share information only they have by using virtual tools and platforms to solve the assigned challenge.

Maximum Participants: 50

Duration: 4 hours

Key Learnings:
  • Deliver on committed outcomes by knowing what must happen, by when​
  • Anticipate consequences​
  • Know the whole picture by seeking out all perspectives​
  • Have a sense of urgency​
  • Come prepared with your thinking, options and approaches to consider
  • Work effectively as a team by knowing and playing your role

Click HERE to watch the Rescue Orion video astronauts see prior to their departure

About Museum Caper:

In Eagle’s Flight’s mystery-themed virtual experiential activity, Museum Caper, participants will work in teams as detectives to track down the culprits of three major robberies using the evidence left at the scene of each crime. By cross-referencing the clues they have received, they will eliminate suspects and identify the true criminal. After each crime is solved, teams will have an opportunity to identify best practices and ways to improve in order to solve the next one more effectively.

Maximum Participants: 200

Duration: 2 hours

Key Learnings:

  • Provide timely feedback that will keep the team progressing to the goal

  • Seek understanding to achieve the right result

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of communications

  • Create overall clarity and prevent miscommunications


About Sandcastle Cove

Sandcastle Cove is a fun and engaging trek across the South African savanna to photograph the Big Five animals. Along the way the safari Guide stations, naturalist camps, and photo blinds can be used to accelerate success. Participants work together to accomplish these goals, and while numerous choices abound during the excursion, only the ones selected by the majority will prevail.

Maximum Participants: 900

Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

Key Learnings:

  • Staying connected to our purpose

  • Remaining focused on our goals

  • Recognise that we all have different perspectives and approaches

  • Giving input is important, but within the context of realising that my input may at times not be best for all

  • Capitalising on the available options to achieve what needs to be done

  • Recognising the challenges of collaboration in a virtual environment

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